Q.What service does XIYANGYANG offer if I want to open a trampoline park?

A.XIYANGYANG AMUSEMENT COMPANY is an experienced manufacturer of trampoline park for more than 19 years,we offer customer unique 3D free design, business plan advice,Production,franchise opportunity, installation, aftersales, and so on. ​

Q.What safety standard does your trampoline meet? DO you have any certificate for the materials you use?

A.Our trampolines are designed and manufactured to according the guidelines of ASTM ,all products are certified by TUV Rheinland Germany. And CE,ISO international certificates. ​

Q.What's the maxmium weight on the trampoline?

A.Because our jump mat is imported from America,so the quality is better than others.The maximum bearing capacity for our trampoline is: static bearing. 600kg/sqm; dynamic bearing, 180kg/sqm.

Q.Where is avaliable for open a trampoline park?

A.The trampoline park is available in Shoppping mall,Residencial area,Amusement Park,Warehouse and so on.

Q.How can I place the trampoline park order?

A.Sign PI--Pay deposit--Production--Pay balance--Ship the Goods--Installation-contact us any questions after sells

Q.What is the price range of trampoline parks?

A.Normally one set trampoline park amount should range from USD5K to more than USD200K according to the floor size and programs

Q.What about the trampoline park development prospects?

A.Nowadays trampoline park is very popular and welcome all of the world,it has big market from now to future with incalculable development.

Q.Do you have your own brand name?

A.Yes, we have an independent trademark:Disile,Xiyangyang,Qilong.

Q.Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

A.Yes,we will supply detailed and professional installation manual and video,you could install according it step by step,also we could send our install engineer team to help you if need.We are always ready to help you solve any problem until it's completed successfully.

Q.How long does it take to manufacture a trampoline park?

A.Production schedules very depending on the size and complexity of the trampoline park. However, a general rule of thumb is approximately 15-25 days from the contract date. We will try our best to work with you on a schedule to meet your business needs.

Q.What is the age range for indoor trampoline parks?

A.Generally the indoor trampoline parks are suitable for all adults and children 5+years old.

Q.What games do you have for the trampoline park?

A.We have many games in the trampoline parks,such as:Free jump,Olympic jump,Ninja course,Dodge ball,Slam dunk,Side jump,Football area,Counter obstacle,Climbing wall,Spider wall,Foam pit,Bull fight,Deveil slide,Volcano climbing,Cageball etc.

Q.How much will it cost to start an indoor trampoline park?

A.Normally the trampoline parks cost will depends on the floor plan size and games. As a general guide, the trampoline park will cost approximately USD70-120/Sqm.

Q.How do I find a suitable building for my indoor trampoline park?

A.You can find building in Shopping mall,Residencial area,Amusement park,Commercial center,Warehouse etc. Send any potential buildings that you consider for the trampoline park to us and we will advise on the appropriateness of the building. We will consider a range of factors including building dimensions and building height, car parking, local catchment, planning change of use potential.

Q.How do I get started with a indoor trampoline park quipment?

A.Simply call/email/whatsapp one of our sales today. We’ll make your job easier by helping determine the best equipment fit for your business or organization. We’ll provide you with 3D free design, pricing and great advice to help you get going with the indoor trampoline park.

Q.Can I see and try out your trampoline park?

A.Yes,ofcourse, we strongly recommend you visit our showroom in Wenzhou, China. We have a demonstration set up that shows most of the games of trampoline park,you can look all over it, have a bounce and see the quality of our trampoline park first hand.

Q.What is the warranty for your trampoline park?

A.Frame: 2 years; Mat: 1 year; Safty Padding: 6 months. Spare parts such as springs and foam pits are not included in the trampoline park warranty.

Q.Do you provide free spare parts for the trampoline park?

A.Yes, ofcourse,we will provide you with a small stock of trampoline park spare pars such as jumping mat, springs, net etc.

Q.Do you provide any ancillary products for trampoline park, such as trampoline socks?

A.Yes, we could provide ancillary products like trampoline non-slip socks, silicone wristband, bubble soccer, locker, etc.

Q.Is it simple to install the trampoline park by ourselves? Do you offer installation service outside China?

A.Yes,it is simple.You could install the trampoline park as per our detailed and professional instruction manuals and video,ofcourse we also can send our installation engineer to work with your teams. The cost of trampoline park installation service includes the daily salary of the engineer ($110 per day), round-trip tickets, accommodation, etc.

Q.What should I provide if asking for a unique customized design for my trampoline park?

A.We need you provide architectural plans of the building (CAD drawing if possible). Also it would be highly appreciated if you could take pictures or shoot a video to us. than our designer will work out a 3D trampoline park design proposal based on your suggestions and our experience.

Q.Do you have trampoline park sample plans which you can send me?

A.Yes, we have a range of designs available for a range of building sizes from 100sqm to 6000sqmthat we would be glad to send to you. We also could send you the finished trampoline park cases design and photos which also in your country.

Q.How much space do I need to operate a trampoline park?

A.We would recommend 600 to 2,000 sqm (6500 to 20,000 sq ft ) or more to provide the optimal experience to your customers and financial payback to the operator. Remember that trampoline activities will typically comprise between 55% to 70% of your total floor area with the rest being used for ancillary activities such as café, viewing, reception,birthday party area etc.

Q.What ceiling height do I need in my trampoline park?

A.According to the international standard,we recommend a minimum clear height from the floor to the lowest roof obstruction is 5.2m(17ft).